Weekly Outline

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Weekly Outline 

April 16th-April 20th

Language Arts

(Ms. Desa)

Open Court Reading: We will start our unit “Keep Trying”. This week we will read various books that focus on end punctuation. We will practice editing ending sentence punctuation the in different sentences.

Novel Study: Our novel study will be “Dragon Masters: Rise of the Earth Dragon”. This conclude our novel study and start our culminating activity. We will be designing our very own dragons, using the different external features we’ve learned in science. We will then create a habitat for our dragons.

Spelling: Our spelling words routine will continue this week. Our focus words for this week will be speech, space, spy, slick, slant, sleet. Our high frequency words us, buy, those, use, fast. Our challenge words will be: slump, speckle, specific. Our spelling test will be Friday.

Printing: This week students will work on different writing techniques in their Handwriting Without Tears workbooks. This week we will continue to focus on reviewing and perfecting our letters r and n.  


(Ms. Desa)

We will continue to look at Canadian Money. This week our focus will be counting money and making change.  

Physical Education

(Coach Henderson)

Low Organized Cooperative Games, with a focus on Cross country skills and drills. 


(Ms. Desa)

Students will be introduced to the Six Elements of Art. This week we will start to focus on the fourth element of texture. We will be exploring different textures in the classroom and around the school. We will start to paint our clay dragons.


(Mr. K)

The students will continue to learn terms regarding dynamics.  This week, they will learn the terms mezzo-piano and mezzo-forte.  They will also continue to practice the songs Wonderful World, Imagine, and Steps of the Palace


(Ms. Rock)

We will talk about our emotions

Social Studies

(Ms. Desa)

This week in social studies we will begin our 2nd unit, “Our Community”. We will discuss the features of our community and start learning about maps. We will finish the map of our bedroom.


(Ms. Desa)

This week we will continue our unit “The Needs and Characteristics of Living Things”. We are going to do a performance task instead of a final test. We are going to create a habitat for our dragons we created. This week will continue our performance task and begin creating. We will talk about comparing needs of living things, and what it would be like if there wasn’t the parts of the environment we love.   


(Ms. Desa)

We will start our new unitTypes of behaviours: caring vs exploitive behaviour”. This week we will focus on: what are factors that would negatively affect your health? (excessive screen time, video games, smoking, drugs). We will continue to look at why having a growth mindset is good for your brain.


(Mrs. Safi)

This week students will continue working on their new unit on Rhyming Poetry. Students will be practicing their keyboarding and mousing skills. Students will continue to learn how to insert images into Word and change size and orientation. Students will continue working on coding


(Ms. Desa)

This week we will continue to discuss Facial Expressions. Students will identify, imitate, mirror, and create feeling and expression by using the face as an expressive tool.  We conclude our unit on Shakespeare.