Weekly Outline

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Weekly Outline 

Feb 12th -16th


Language Arts

(Ms. Desa)

Open Court Reading: We will start our unit “Things that go”. This week we will read various books that have sentences that focus on capital letters. We will practice editing capitals the in different sentences.

Novel Study: Our novel study will be “Dragon Masters: Rise of the Earth Dragon”. This week we will read chapters 10-12 and do comprehension questions. On Thursday, we will re-read this chapters with our grade 6 reading buddies.

Spelling: Our spelling words routine will continue this week. Our focus words for this week will be: tune, moon, rude, tube, room, pool. Our high frequency words will fly, round, give, once, open. Our challenge words will be: oozing, aloof, argument. Our spelling test will be Friday.

Printing: This week students will work on different writing techniques in their Handwriting Without Tears workbooks. This week we will continue to focus on reviewing and perfecting our letters r and n.  


(Ms. Desa)

This week students will be focusing on Saxon Lessons 111-115, there will be a math test Friday. We will continue exploring different re-grouping methods.

Physical Education

(Coach Henderson)

Low Organized Cooperative Games, with a focus on Cross country skills and drills. 


(Ms. Desa)

Students will be introduced to the Six Elements of Art. This week we will start to focus on the third element of art, form. We will learn about different types of art sculptures and start creating our very own “found art sculpture”. We will complete a write up and prepare for our school Gallery Walk.


(Mr. K)

The students will learn the concept of meter (time signatures).  This week they will compare duple and triple meter.  We will review also review the concept of steady beat vs. unsteady beat.  The students will also listen to a variety of musical excerpts and reflect on the emotions that are evoked from their listening. 


(Ms. Rock)

Will be completing presenting our labelled bodies and moving onto words associated with feelings 

Social Studies

(Ms. Desa)

This week in social studies we will begin our 2nd unit, “Our Community”. We will discuss the features of our community and start learning about maps.


(Ms. Desa)

This week we will continue our new unit “The Needs and Characteristics of Living Things”. We will continue to discuss the physical characteristics of living things. We will start to discuss humans and our body parts.  


(Ms. Desa)

We will start our new unitTypes of behaviours: caring vs exploitive behaviour”. This week we will focus on: what are factors that would negatively affect your health? (excessive screen time, video games, smoking, drugs)


(Mrs. Safi)

Students will continue focusing and learning about biographies and type up, save and make changes to their biographies. Students will also be practicing their keyboarding and mousing skills. Students will continue working on coding.


(Ms. Desa)

This week we will continue to discuss Facial Expressions. Students will identify, imitate, mirror, and create feeling and expression by using the face as an expressive tool.  We continue our unit on Shakespeare.