Weekly Outline

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Weekly Outline 

June 5th-June 9th

Language Arts

(Ms. Desa)

Open Court Reading: We will start our unit “Keep Trying”. This week we will read various books that focus on end punctuation. We will practice editing commas in different sentences. Across

Spelling: Our spelling words routine will continue this week. Our focus words for this week will be clover, would, pineapple, Titanic, Beyblade and window. Our high frequency words are drink, only, better, hold, warm. Our challenge words will be: tongue, interested, neighbourhood. Our last spelling test will be Friday.

Printing: This week students will work on different writing techniques in their Handwriting Without Tears workbooks. This week we will continue to focus on reviewing and perfecting our letters r and n.  


(Ms. Desa)

We will continue our unit on measurement. We will look at different ways and different objects we can use to measure things.  We start exploring simple multiplication.  

Physical Education

(Coach Henderson)

Low Organized Cooperative Games, with a focus on Cross country skills and drills. 


(Ms. Desa)

Students will be introduced to the Five Elements of Art. This week we will start to focus on the fifth element of shape. We will be exploring different shapes in our classroom. And begin to create 3D shapes out of mixed media.


(Mr. K)

The students will watch clips of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Sound of Music (theatrical version), and a performance by Peter, Paul, and Mary.  During the videos, the students will focus on the audience’s and performer’s etiquette.  We will continue to practice the songs Goodbye My Friend, Into the Woods Finale, and Steps of the Palace. 


(Ms. Rock)

We will talk about our emotions.

Social Studies

(Ms. Desa)

This week in social studies we will begin our 2nd unit, “Our Community”. We will discuss the features of our community and continue learning about maps.


(Ms. Desa)

We are going to start our new science unit: Materials, Objects and everyday structures. We will look at different types of fasteners, and start a design challenge. Students are asked to work in partners to create a garage big enough to fit a model car and person.  


(Ms. Desa)

We will continue our unit on body parts: Senses and functions, hygienic procedures. How do you use your senses to explore the world? If you close your eyes, what other senses can you use to get information about what is around you? 


(Mrs. Safi)

This week students will be learning about biographies. Each student will research a well known individual from the past and be creating their own biography poster.  


(Ms. Desa)

This week we will start our unit on Tableaus. We will explore different Nursery Rhymes with and create them using Frozen Pictures. This week we will create a Tableau of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”