Weekly Outline

You can veiw our weekly outline on this page!


Weekly Outline 

September 17th-21st



Language Arts  

(Ms. Desa)  

Open Court Reading: We are starting our Unit: Let’s Read. This week we will read various books that focus on common and proper nouns.


Spelling: This week we will begin spelling. Our spelling words will be introduced on Monday. Students will practice these words in class. Each night there will be homework assigned to help the students. Group 1s words are: pin, sit, fix, will, zip, dish, his, rip, hid, wish. Group 2s words are: cry, pine, light, nice, why, find, right, spy, spider, night. 


Writing: This week students will work on different writing techniques in their Handwriting Without Tears workbooks. We will focus on capitalization.


(Ms. Desa)  

This week students will be focusing on Saxon Lessons 16-20 and will have a math test on Friday. 

Physical Education 

(Coach Fretz) 

Students will be taking part in soccer skills this week.  They will also be training for cross country and taking part in various cooperative games.  Each Friday students will take part in active and cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


(Ms. James)  

Students will be introduced to Pop Art and will explore different techniques and examples. Students will create name labels to practice these techniques used bold lines, bold colours and creativity!


(Mr. Kudera) 

The students will begin their journey through the orchestral families.  This week, they will learn about the brass family.


(Mme. Israil) 

This week students  will learn some scholar vocabulary. Focus of this week will be vocabulary and french pronunciation.

Social Studies 

(Ms. Desa) 

This week in social studies we will begin our 1st unit: Roles & Responsibility. This week we will focus on “The five sense of my home”


(Ms. Desa)  

Students will continue our unit on “Daily and Seasonal Changes”. This week we will explore the difference between day and night.


(Coach Fretz)  

Students will continue their first unit on Healthy Eating this week. They will review the “Super Heroes” from last week and identify the “Super Snacks” the heroes had.    Students will be creating their own super hero to identify healthy choices and foods.


(Mr. Kudera)  

The students will continue to practice locating various keys on the QWERTY keyboard.  They will also practice logging into their personal accounts.


(Ms. Massaro)  

Students will practice tableaus. They will be given a picture to recreate.

Media Arts

(Mrs. Grovum)

Our theme this week in Media Arts is Mindfulness.  Students will explore this theme in books and will practice the “five finger rule” for select the perfect book!