Weekly Outline

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Weekly Outline

March 25th- 29th

Grade 1 Ms. Scott


Language Arts  

(Ms. Scott)  

Spelling: This week we will begin spelling. Our spelling words will be introduced on Monday. Students will practice these words in class. Each night there will be homework assigned to help the students. Group 1s words are: once, use, race, nose, nice, please, mouse, place, house, because.  Group 2s words are: into, everything, sometimes, today, myself, everyone, weekend, bedroom, outside, nothing. Our spelling test will be on Friday.


This week during our daily language centres, students will be furthering their understanding of compound words.



(Ms. Scott)  

This week students will continue to focus on Saxon Lessons 107-110 and will have a math test on Friday.

Students will focus on congruent shapes and figures during math centres.

During Math Lab, we will continue to learn using Prodigy.

Physical Education

(Coach Fretz)

Students will be taking part in ball hockey skill development this week. Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


(Ms. James)  

Students will continue their new unit on famous artists. We will continue to explore the life and art of Ted Harrison.


(Mr. Kudera)

Rhythmic Accompaniment: The students will learn and perform basic time values. This week they will perform rhythms consisting quarter notes and half notes.

French (Mme. Grovum)

Students will continue their work on their unit about Foods

Social Studies

(Ms. Scott)

This week students will continue on learning about Our Local Community. Students will discuss their own local community, and its features.


(Ms. Scott)  

Students will continue learning about The Characteristics of Living and Nonliving Things. Students will the explore and compare the things in which living things need to survive


(Coach Fretz)  

Students will continue to learn about unhealthy choices and healthy alternatives.  They will begin a weekly exercise routine in class this week and create posters to encourage others to be healthy and active.


(Mr. Kudera)  

●    review login procedures

●    keyboarding exercises

●    creating a document in Google Docs


(Ms. Weston)  

Students will continue to practice their Romeo and Juliet plays and create props and filming them the following week.

Media Arts

(Mrs. Grovum)

Students will look at new books and practice story retelling.