About Me

On this page you can learn a little more about me, Ms. Desa!

This is my 6th year teaching, my second year teaching grade 1 at Gaa!  

Before GAA, I lived in the united arab emirates teaching english language learners math, english, and science. I am  extremely grateful for  the opportunities i have had to teach, and travel the world.  I love taking what i have learnt overseas  to create diverese, student run, positive learning environments. 

My educational philosophy reflets my 4h background, "learn to do by doing". I want my students to be as excited about education as i am. I create learning centers that revolve around 21st century skills putting students in charge of their learning experience. 

I am so excited for our safari themed class room this year!  This summer I camped from south africa to tanzania, I can't wait to share my experiences with the grade 1s!